NETWORK FOR SCIENCE is an independent consulting agency providing direct support to the scientific community, universities and research institutes, as well as companies and public administration entities. With the aim of establishing and expanding joint ventures with Japanese partners we provide customized consulting and tailored information services.

NETWORK FOR SCIENCE is managing your cooperation with Japan and Korea by:

  • consulting and providing information, developing strategies
  • establishing, activating and maintaining networks and contacts in Germany, Europe and Japan
  • conducting surveys, editing reports, searching for information
  • coordinating projects
  • organizing conferences and visiting programs according to individual topics of interest
  • translating technical texts and patents from Japanese/Korean into German

We are cooperating with experts in different fields in order to realize your projects. We prepared a list of our cooperation partners for you.


NETWORK FOR SCIENCE has published the German magazine “Wissenschaft und Forschung – Japan” (Science and Research – Japan) from 2011 to 2016. Designed to present Japan as your partner for science and research, this magazine covered information regarding higher education and science policies, joint research projects and scientific meetings as well as funding programs for scientific collaboration and information exchange with Japan.

21 issues of “Wissenschaft und Forschung – Japan” are available in the Archive.